Hundested-Rorvig Faergefart A/S, Denmark – Isefjord

Western Marine Shipyard received an order from Hundested-Rorvig Faergefart A/S, Denmark, for a highly maneuverable roll-on-roll-off (ro-ro) passenger & vehicle ferry to connect the towns Rørvig and Hundested. This export deal marked the first time Bangladesh had ever exported a passenger ship to the European market. This vessel also has remote operating capabilities for ease of use from offboard computers. This project was completed and delivered in 2013 and has been navigating Danish channels every since.

Vessel Type: Ro-Ro Passenger and Vehicle Ferry

Length OA: 51m

Breadth Molded: 11.6m

Gross Tonnage: 475 tons

Deadweight: 165 tons

Service Speed: 11 knots at 85% MCR

Range: Up to 100 nautical miles

Global Maritime Distress and Safety System: Mkmurdo R2

Complement: 150 passengers

Vehicle Capacity: 24 cars & 2 trucks

Unmanned engine room, operable by one crew & remotely

Length BP: 50.49m

Depth Molded: 3.4m

Draft: 2.25m

Lightweight: 469.65 tons

Max Speed: 14 knots

Autopilot: Furuno Nautopiolot NP 60

Car Deck Firefighting Systems: Danfoss Semco Argonite type FS 49C2

Vehicle Deck: 3x 48m lanes

Class: Bureau Veritas