New Zealand Government MV Mataliki

Western Marine Shipyard received an order from the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade to construct a passenger cum cargo vessel for the country’s Apia & Tokelau islands, and mainland New Zealand; often a journey of over 24 hours. This vessel was delivered in Apia, New Zealand, in 2016 and was inaugurated by the NZ Minister of Foreign Affairs in February.

Vessel Type: International SOLAS Passenger Ship with Cargo Capacity

Length OA: 44.32m

Breadth MLD: 9.9m

Depth to Weather Deck: 4.1m

Lightship: 434 tons

Displacement on 2.6m Draft: 628.5 tons

Complement: 72 person

Engine: 2x Yanmar 480kW & 1x Aux. engine at 125kW

Class: Lloyd’s Register

Length BP: 38.56m

Draft: 2.6m

Depth to Deck & At-side Deck: 6.6m

Deadweight on 2.6 Draft: 175 tons minimum

Service Speed: 11.5 knots (85% MCR)

Cargo Crane: 3.6 tons at 12-meter outreach