Category: Infrastructure Development Projects

OSJI JV Barges

Jun 6, 2017 by wms

Total: 16 Units

300 DWT OSJI-JV Barge: 01 Unit


Length OA: 29.70M
Breadth MLD: 08.10M
Depth MLD: 02.20M
Draft MLD: 01.85M

500 DWT OSJI-JV Barge: 08 Units


Length OA: 34.20M
Breadth MLD: 09.60M
Depth MLD: 02.50M
Draft MLD: 02.10M

1000 DWT OSJI-JV Barge: 07 Units


Length OA: 45.60M
Breadth MLD: 15.24M
Depth MLD: 03.05M
Draft MLD: 02.30M

40 DWT Gambia Tug

Jun 5, 2017 by wms

Name of Ship:Gambia Tug

Units: 01

40 DWT Gambia Tug


Length OA:                         15.00M

Breadth MLD:                    04.90M

Depth MLD:                        02.20M

Design Draft:                      1.40M

110 DWT Gambia Barge

Jun 5, 2017 by wms


Type of Ship:
Gambia Barge


Units: 10


Length OA:    43.80M 
Length WL:    43.05M 
Breadth MLD:    06.50M 
Depth MLD:    02.50M 
Freight Capacity:  200T