City Mayor Manjur applaued Western Marine Shipyard while visiting along with a Tanzanian Delegation

Feb 23, 2014 News

Tanzanian Delegation with City Mayor Manjur Alam during shipyard visit
Tanzanian Delegation with City Mayor Manjur Alam during shipyard visit

A delegation from Tanzania has made a goodwill visit to Western Marine Shipyard Limited in Chittagong on the 3rd of February 2014. The Mayor of Chittagong Mr. Mohammad Manjur Alam was present in this occasion as the Chief Guest. The Tanzanian delegation was headed by the Regional Commissioner of Dar Es Salaam region in Tanzania Mr. Saidi Meck Sadick. The other members in the delegation were high officials from the Tanzania Electrical, Mechanical & Services Agency (TEMESA) a corporation under the Tanzanian Ministry of Works.
It must be mentioned that Western Marine Shipyard is building a ship for the Danish buyer JGH Marine & it will be owned by the government of Tanzania. This ship is an aluminum body 300pax passenger ship which will be operated by TEMESA. The management of Western Marine hopes through this goodwill visit the tie between Bangladesh & Tanzania will get stronger & it will benefit both the nations through bilateral trade.

The shipyard Chairman Mr. Saiful Islam mentioned that Africa is a big market for the Bangladesh shipbuilding industry & through patronization of Bangladesh government we should explore their market further which shall be beneficial for our bilateral trade adding value in our For Ex.

Western Marine Managing Director Mr. Sakhawat Hossain said that the global shipbuilding was at recession & now the market is once again emerging. He mentioned Western Marine has signed contract with Tanzania & New Zealand in the last year & they are expecting to secure more orders from the African market in 2014. He mentioned that the industry is looking forward to see its golden days once again.

The Tanzanian Regional Commissioner thanked the shipyard team for arranging the visit & mentioned that there are lots of business opportunities in Tanzania & he invited a delegation from Bangladesh to visit Tanzania & explore their market for better business opportunities. At his address he further mentioned that the quality of shipbuilding is very good in Bangladesh & this industry can expect many more newvbuilding orders from Tanzania.

The Chief Guest in his address expressed his gratitude toward the Tanzanian delegation for visiting Chittagong and he said that there are lots of opportunities in Chittagong which the delegation will find interesting & he also admired the work of Western Marine & the way the shipyard is contributing in development of Chittagong & the national economy.


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