Western Fishers building fishing trawlers worth of BDT 300 crore

Dec 22, 2013 News

41 M long 250 ton capacity fishing vessels standing on the slipway of Western Marine
41 M long 250 ton capacity fishing vessels standing on the slipway of Western Marine
Western Fishers Shipyard holds a big market for newbuilding of fishing trawlers in Bangladesh. It is joint concern of Western Marine Shipyard & Fishers Shipyard. They have already secured orders for building twelve fishing trawlers. All these vessels are worth of around BDT300 crore. These trawlers are being built for four different private owners who operating these vessels in the Bay of Bengal.

Western Fishers has already completed the construction work of four fishing trawlers. These trawlers have even completed their sea trial successfully. They are to start their commercial operation very soon. Another two vessels has been recently launched, one on 22nd September 2013 & the other on 3rd October 2013. More two vessels will be launched within the current week. Rest 5 vessels are still under construction, which the shipyard is expecting to launch by November 2013.

The trawlers Western Fishers is building are of two types. One design is of 41m & the other 42m. Out of twelve vessels, five of them are designed for 42m & rest seven vessels 41m. These designs have been uniquely developed & verified by an Icelandic designer considering the weather condition & sea state of the Bay of Bengal. These ships are called Deep Sea Mid Water Fishing Trawler. They will be capable to operate in the rough Bay of Bengal and shall be able to ply in much deeper sea.

Unlike other imported fishing trawlers in Bangladesh theses ships are being custom made to operate in the Bangladeshi fishing zone considering all the challenges in fishing in this sea. These trawlers are equipped with advanced machinery which makes the vessel fit for fishing in the Bay of Bengal even in monsoon period. Each vessel will be able to carry & store 300 tons of fish having hi-tech European refrigeration system including processing deck, slurry ice machine, chill water maker, blast freezer and store freezer will be able to maintain the freshness of the caught fish & ensure its best quality. This way Bangladesh will be able to export better quality sea food.


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