Western Marine ready to export more vessels to Germany

Dec 21, 2013 News

Chittagong, 26 December, 2011: Western Marine Shipyard, the country’s leading shipbuilding company, has launched another pair of ocean-going vessels for exporting to Germany.

The launching of these two vessels — EMSWATER & EMSFLOW—were carried out on 23rd & 25th Dec 2011 respectively. The two with the total capacity of 10,400 DWT are the fourth pair of vessels in the series of twelve and will be handed over to the German buyer, Grona Shipping GmbH Germany on February 2012.

The previous three pairs were delivered in December 2010, March 2011 and July 2011, creating a history in the Bangladesh shipbuilding industry.

Western Marine has made a record in the shipbuilding history of Bangladesh by constructing eight sister vessels having a total tonnage of 41,600 DWT within the period of one year. This is believed that such vessels were built in the fastest possible time in Bangladesh.

The company struck an agreement with Grona Shipping on January 2008 for building 12 numbers of 5200 DWT capacity vessels. Each of these vessels is worth more than BDT 80cr. Since then the shipyard had been known all over the world as an international standard shipyard by achieving one of the highest worth foreign project in Bangladesh.

The vessels were launched on 23rd & 25th Dec at 1:00 AM. The company’s Managing Director, high officials and employees were present during the launching.

Mr. Saiful Islam, Chairman of Western Marine, said, “I feel happy for such success. I thank the concerned persons who have contributed in making this project successful.”

He also said that the government has given special care and importance to help grow further the burgeoning shipping industry in Bangladesh.

Managing Director of the company Sakhawat Hossain said, “The shipyard production team and practice of corporate culture have helped us launch these vessels timely and safely.

“We are proud of our success that we have been able to write our name in the global arena as a successful shipbuilding nation,” he said.


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