Western Marine Shipyard built dredger for Mongla Port Authority

Dec 21, 2013 News

Chittagong, 22 November 2012: Mongla Port Authority has inaugurated its first & new built dredger “CD Imam Bokhari” along with a crane boat “CB Balian” in Mongla Port on 21 November 2012. The dredger will be used to dredge the channel of Mongla Port in River Pashur ensuring the access of the inbound & outbound ships. These ships were inaugurated by the Chief Guest Shipping Minister Mr. Shajahan Khan. Khulna City Mayor, Mr. Talukder Abdul Khaleque was a Special Guest in the inauguration ceremony. Moreover the Managing Director of Western Marine, Mr. Sakhawat Hossain represented in the event on behalf of the shipbuilder. The Port Chairman Commodore M Abul Kalam Azad was the main host in the occasion.

CD Imam Bokhari is an 18 inch Cutter Suction Dredger which will be able to dredge upto 14m of depth & the CB Balian is a crane boat for the purpose of auxiliary use of the dredger having the crane capacity of SWL 5 tons at 3.0m radius. This project has cost BDT 34 cr approximately & the newbuilding project was financed by IFIC Bank. Since establishment of Mongla Port in 1950 this is the first time a dredger & a crane boat has been added in the fleet of the port. Mongla Port had been planning to procure a dredger since 1990 & through inauguration of Bokhari it came to be possible today. The port authority is hopeful that this dredger will enhance port facilities & the port capacity will rise. The port has also ordered two pilot dispatch boats for port use to Western Marine Shipyard; these ships’ construction is under process & will be delivered very soon.

Minister Shajahn Khan has said that Mongla Port will be upgraded in a very short time. The various initiatives taken by the government to meet the vision of 2021, the up-gradation of the ports in Bangladesh is a prime factor among those. The Minister also praised the activity of Western Marine. He said the ships that Western Marine is building for the domestic use is making a huge contribution in our economy. Western Marine has built numerous port use ships of various types. They are already building the highest capacity tugboat in Bangladesh & a water supply vessel for Chittagong Port Authority. But through delivery of this dredger & workboat, Mongla Port Authority has also been added as a top a top client of Western Marine.

The Managing Director of the shipyard said that the dredger has been delivered seven months earlier than the deadline, which is a great achievement of the yard. He also said this ship has been built by Western Marine jointly with the most renowned dredger manufacturer in the world IHC Merwede, Holland. He said Western Marine had formed a joint venture company as IHC-WMShL Ltd under the umbrella of Western Marine Shipyard which concentrates on building the best quality dredgers. Through technology transfer from IHC Merwede, Holland we will be able to meet the local demand by building dredges for domestic use & also export in the Asian market.

The Chairman of the shipyard Mr. Saiful Islam expressed his gratitude to Mongla Port & the Ministry of Shipping. He is happy as Western Marine built ships will be used by Mongla Port. He emphasized saying this tie between Mongla Port & the shipyard will continue to be stronger in the coming days by building more ships for the port.


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